Due Date: Interview with star Robert Downey Jr.

Due Date Due Date Due Date

Robert Downey Jr. stars in Todd Phillips' "Due Date." The film, which also stars Zach Galifianakis, is being released by Warner Bros. on November 5. 

His character


"He's kind of an edgy, controlling, judgmental guy with some anger-management issues. And who better to help him explore those issues than Ethan Tremblay? High-strung as he is normally, Peter is now facing the birth of his first child and is thrown into this nightmare, so it's all amped up," Downey adds. 


"If there really was somebody like Ethan around, he'd have been strangled in his sleep long ago," Downey attests. "He's like a laser beam that focuses on the one thing that will drive you crazy the most, the kind of guy who will eat a whole plate of waffles before mentioning he's allergic to waffles. I'm sure a lot of people know someone like this, someone who is perfectly wired to activate all of their irritation buttons."


Meeting Zach Galifianakis


Downey vividly recalls their first meeting. "I was in Venice, California, and some weird guy walks by and says, 'Hi, I think I'm doing a movie with you.' And I was thinking, 'I might have to punch this guy.' Then I realized, 'Oh my God…that's Zach.' 


"Later, he came over for dinner so we could talk about the script," Downey continues. "I asked if he had any dietary restrictions and he sent me a note detailing everything he'd need, like bottled water flown in from Barstow. It's one of my favorite things. I read it to people at parties."


Energy of a living being


Says Downey, "I start every day thinking here's what will happen if you do it by the book and here's what can happen if you bend yourself over backwards and forwards again and try to invite the unimagined into the situation. The set had energy like a living being; it was evolving all the time. And what's great and so funny about Todd is that sometimes, with him, it's so wrong, it's right."