Blind Loves (2008): Juraj Lehotsky’ Tale of How the Blind Live and Love

Cannes Film Fest 2008Blind Loves, which world-premiered at the 2008 Cannes Film Fest, is a film about the nature, possibility, and essence of love among blind people.

Many faces of love: Love can be soft, love can be silly, love can be blind at all times.

To find ones place in this world is not an easy thing to do for people with good sight, but how much more difficult can it be for somebody who is blind The view of blind persons is often pure and essential, and very often witty. It uncovers new dimensions of meaning of happiness.

The fact that someone is born to darkness calls for a number of questions about the ways these people live. One of the most important is where is the source of their happiness.  Their world might be lacking sight but it can be richer in spirituality on the other hand. And maybe its they who understand the essence of happiness.