Where to Invade Next: Michael Moore’s New Docu World Premieres at Toronto

The 2015 Toronto Film Fest, which kicks off September 10, had announced that it will present the world premiere of Michael Moore’s new film Where to Invade Next

Moore and the festival are keeping mum about the exact contents of the director’s latest effort, which its title suggests confronts America’s perpetual state of war-footing.

The festival website promises that this is “his most provocative and hilarious film yet: Moore tells the Pentagon to ‘stand down’ — he will do the invading for America from now on.”

“I think it’s going to take a lot of people by surprise, but there is not much I can say about it now,” says Thom Powers, TIFF Docs programmer. “I can tell you it’s very funny. September 10 will be the first time anyone will see it. The film is for sale, and I don’t think WME agents will get much sleep that night.”