Torino GLBT Film Fest: Documentary Award Winners

The members of the Documentary International Jury: Christos Acrivulis (director, distributor, Italy/Germany), Eladio Climaco (critic, TV author and conductor, Portugal), Florence Fradelizi (director of Glbt film festival Paris, France) have awarded the BEST DOCUMENTARY PRIZE (2500 euro offered by the Festival) ex-aequo to:
Out in India: A Family’s Journey by Tom Keegan (Usa/India, 2007)
“the film shows in an effective and emotionally captivating way the collaboration between artists and Indian associations to fight prejudice against AIDS through solidarity and art. The fact that the protagonists are a homosexual couple with two adoptive children gives the movie a new prospective in the search of understanding”

and to:
Khastegi (Sex My Life) by Bahman Motamedian (Iran, 2008)
“because in an unusual aesthetic and stylistic form, between documentary and fiction, the director represents the drastic decisions of the protagonists in the search of their own identity”
Director Tom Keegan, who is currently in the US, has sent the festival the following statement:
“On behalf of the cast and crew of “Out in India: A Family's Journey” I would like to thank the jury for this award. The message of my film is about the power of the arts to heal, inspire, and change: not only the world, but the artist as well. I applaud all the artists and audiences who make and view queer film or art of any kind. Keep going! Your efforts and participation make a difference.This festival in Torino has for me being welcomed into a warm loving family of international filmmakers and volunteers. I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and I hope to see you all again very soon!”