TIFF 2010: Fest announces Sprockets Family Zone program

August 17, 2010 – The Toronto International Film Festival announces the Sprockets Family Zone program for this year’s Festival.




Karla and Jonas Charlotte Sachs Bostrup, Denmark – North American Premiere

Thirteen-year-olds Karla and Jonas search for Jonas’ birth mother in this coming of age story based on the books by Renée Toft Simonsen.


LittleSister RichardBowen,China/USA – World Premiere 

 on one of the earliest versions of the beloved Cinderella tale comes a magical film that reveals the Chinese origins of this widely known fairy tale.


Make Believe J. Clay Tweel, USA – International Premiere 

A group of dedicated teen magicians amaze audiences by performing seemingly impossible feats while pursuing the title of Teen World Champion Magician.


Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage Ben Stassen, Belgium – North American Premiere 

Sammy the sea turtle embarks on an exciting 50-year journey through the oceans in this 3D animation film that combines entertainment with an environmental message.