Slamdance Film Fest at 15: Soderbergh’s Schizopolis

Sep 11, 2008–Celebrating 15 years of Slamdance with “Schizopolis” (Slamdance-1997), Tue, Sep 16, 2008, Steven Soderbergh will be in attendance for a Q&A followed by a reception nearby for ticket holders.

Synopsis of Schizopolis

Fletcher Munson has a doppelgnger in dentist Dr. Jeffrey Korchek. In his only starring performance to date, acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh inhabits both roles: Munson, onanistic corporate drone and speechwriter for New Age guru T. Azimuth Schwitters, and the swinging Korchek, Muzak enthusiast and lover to Munsons disenchanted wife.

Meanwhile, mad exterminator and part-time celebrity prima donna Elmo Oxygen seduces local housewives in secret code and plots against Schwitters. Placing the onus squarely on the viewer (“If you don’t understand this film, it’s your fault and not ours”), writer-director-editor-cameraman Soderbergh presents a deranged comedy of confused identity, doublespeak, and white-knuckled corporate intrigue, confirming his status as one of the most daring and unpredictable filmmakers.

In his own words “A wake up call to himself ” Soderbergh brought “Schizopolis” to the 1997 Slamdance Film Festival for its US premiere.
“Schizopolis” was a perfect match for Slamdance’s third year as a festival. It helped establish Slamdance’s reputation as a film festival as well as Slamdance’s intimacy and sense of community amongst independent filmmakers supporting each other at a time when “the other” festival in Park City was going “Hollywood”.

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