Cannes Film Fest: Top Award, Palme d’Or Winners Through the Years

Cannes Film Festival Palme Palme d’Or Winners Through the Years

The Cannes festival first gave out its highest honor in 1939, but the award hasn’t always been called the Palme d’Or, nor has it always been given to just one film.

Originally, the award was dubbed the “Grand Prix du Festival Internationale du Film,” a moniker with a little less luster than “Palme d’Or.”

Cannes has bounced between the two designations. The top award was first called the Palme d’Or in 1955, when Delbert Mann’s Marty took the honor. Then, in 1964, it became the Grand Prix again before finally settling in as the Palme d’Or, which has been its name for the past 45 years.

While the fest’s top award was first given out 62 years ago, there are not an even 62 recipients. Some years, like 2020, Cannes was canceled, and so no top honor was handed out. The reasons for canceling the fest have varied through the decades, from a pandemic (in 2020), to WWII (1940-1945), to the May 68 movement (1968), to internal budgetary woes (1948 & 1950).

Other years, the jury’s votes ended in a tie, resulting in more than one film receiving the award. Still other years, the jury gave out the top trophy in different categories, such as Disney’s Dumbo for Best Animation Design in 1947. Multiple top awards were also handed out in 1946 — 11, to be exact — after the fest had been dark during the war.

Ovre the past 75 years, 98 films have wone Cannes Fest’ highest honor, Palme’Dor.