Cannes Film Fest 2014: Camera d’Or Jury

Members of the 2014 Caméra d’or Jury


Each year since 1978, the Caméra d’or is awarded to the best film from the Official Selection, La Semaine de la Critique and Directors’ Fortnight. In 2014, fifteen films will be vying for the  award to be presented during the Awards Ceremony on Saturday May 24th. French director Nicole Garcia will preside.

 Nicole GARCIA, President, actress and director

Richard ANCONINA, actor

Gilles GAILLARD, technician

Sophie GRASSIN, journalist and critic

Héléna KLOTZ, director

Lisa NESSELSON, journalist

Philippe VAN LEEUW, director, Chief cameraman

Gilles GAILLARD represents the FICAM (Federation of the Cinematographic industries, the Broadcasting and the Multimedia), Héléna KLOTZ, represents the SRF (Society of the Directors of Films), Lisa NESSELSON represents the French Syndicate of the Film Critics and Philippe VAN LEEUW represents the AFC (French Association of the managers of Film photography).

Nicole GARCIA, Richard ANCONINA and Sophie GRASSIN were chosen by the Festival de Cannes.

Last year the Jury of the Caméra d’or presided over by Agnès Varda awarded Ilo Ilo by Anthony Chen, selected by the Directors’ Fortnight.