KARAOKE: First Malaysian Film in Years to Screen at Cannes Fest

KARAOKE, the first Malaysian feature film to be screened at Cannes in 14 years, will be screened at the 2009 Cannes Film Festival.


German world sales agency m-appeal¹s newest acquisition KARAOKE by Malaysian filmmaker Chris Chong Chan Fui¹s will be screened at the Directors’ Fortnight of the 62nd Cannes Film Festival from 14-24 May 2009. It will be the first Malaysian feature film in 14 years to be screened at Cannes.

Contacted by phone in Bangkok, where he is currently finishing post-production, Chris could not conceal his surprise: “Cannes is totally unexpected. It is such an honour to be part of the biggest film festival in the world and be screened alongside a film by Francis Ford Coppola!”

KARAOKE is Chris¹ first feature-length film. Produced by Chris¹ own Tanjung Aru Pictures, the 75-minute Malay-language KARAOKE was shot on location in Selangor over 12 days in December 2008. But even before the film was shot, KARAOKE was invited to the Berlin Film Festival¹s Script Clinic in 2007, and was selected to participate in the Hong Kong-Asian Film Financing Forum (HAF) in 2008.

KARAOKE, written by award-winning playwright, writer and singer-songwriter Shanon Shah, who also wrote the songs and music for the film, showcases performances from an impressive cast led by Zahiril Adzim and supported by Mislina Mustaffa, Mohammad Hariry, Amerul Affendi and Nadia Nissa.

KARAOKE: The Story

Set in a village estate of a Malaysian oil palm plantation, Betik returns home. During the day, Betik helps shoot karaoke videos, while at night, he lends a hand to his reluctant mother at the family’s karaoke joint. This is the place where he falls for Anisah. A job, a love and a family: His return home comes together quickly. But life isn¹t that innocent. Everybody wants something. Subtle manipulations driven by self interest and personal desires seep through yet the songs continue to be sung.