Cannes Film Fest 2007: Americans Dominate Lineup

Wong Kar Wai’s “My Blueberry Nights” will open the Cannes Film Festival, whose lineup was unveiled Thursday.

U.S. Flavor

Showing 22 films, the competition selection includes a number of works by American directors, such as the Coen brothers’ “No Country for Old Men,” David Fincher’s “Zodiac,” James Gray’s “We Own the Night,” Quentin Tarantino’s “Death Proof” and Gus Van Sant’s “Paranoid Park.”

Abel Ferrara’s “Go Go Tales” and Michael Moore’s “Sicko” screen out of competition.


France is represented by Catherine Breillat’s “Une Vieille Maitresse,” Christophe Honore’s “Les Chansons d’amour,” American director Julian Schnabel’s French-language “The Diving Bell and the Butterfly” and the animated film “Persepolis.”

Other European titles include Emir Kusturica’s “Promise Me This,” Fatih Akin’s “Auf der anderen seite” and Aleksandr Sokurov’s “Alexandra.”

Dominant U.S. presence means, among other things, that Cannes will be a star-studded event for its 60th edition, with out-of-competition screenings of Hollywood pictures such as Steven Soderbergh’s “Ocean’s Thirteen” and Michael Winterbottom’s “A Mighty Heart.”

Denys Arcand’s “L’Age des Tenebres” will close the event.


Opening Night

“My Blueberry Nights,” Hong Kong, Wong Kar Wai

Closing Night

“The Age of Darkness,” Canada, Denys Arcand


“4 luni, 3 saptamini si 2 zile,” Romania, Cristian Mungiu

“Alexandra,” Russia, Alexander Sokurov

“Auf der anderen Seite des Lebens,” Turkey, Fatih Akin

“The Banishment,” Russia, Andrey Zvyagintsev

“Breath,” South Korea, Kim Ki-duk’s

“Les Chansons d’amour,” France, Christophe Honore

“Death Proof,” U.S., Quentin Tarantino

“The Diving Bell and the Butterfly,” France, Julian Schnabel

“Import/Export,” Austria, Ulrich Seidl

“The Man From London,” Hungary, Bela Tarr

“No Country For Old Men,” U.S., The Coen Brothers

“Mogari No Mor,” Japan, Naomi Kawase

“Paranoid Park,” U.S., Gus Van Sant

“Persepolis,” France, Marjane Satrapi and Vincent Paronnaud

“Promise Me This,” Serbia, Emir Kusturica

“Secret Sunshine,” South Korea, Lee Chang-dong

“Stellet licht,” Mexico, Carlos Reygadas

“Tehilim,” France, Raphael Nadjari

“Une Vieille Maitresse,” France, Catherine Breillat

“We Own the Night,” U.S., James Gray

“Zodiac,” U.S., David Fincher


“Sicko,” U.S., Michael Moore

“Ocean’s Thirteen,” U.S., Steven Soderbergh

“A Mighty Heart,” U.K., Michael Winterbottom


“Boarding Gate,” France, Olivier Assayas

“Go Go Tales,” U.S., Abel Ferrara

“U2 3D,” U.S., Catherine Owens and Mark Pellington


“Am ende kommen touristen,” Germany, Robert Thalheim

“L’Avocat de la terreur,” France, Barbet Schroeder

“El Bano del papa,” Uruguay, Enrique Fernandez and Cesar Charlone

“Bikur Hatizmoret,” Israel, Eran Kolirin

“California Dreamin’,” Romania, Cristian Nemescu

“Calle Santa Fe,” Chile, Carmen Castillo

“Et toi, t’es sur qui,” France, Lola Doillon

“Kuaile Gongchang,” Thailand, Ekachai Uekrongtham

“Magnus,” Estonia-U.K., Kadri Kousaar

“Mang Shan,” China, Li Yang

“Mio fratello e figlio unico,” Italy, Daniele Luchetti

“Mister Lonely,” U.S., Harmony Korine

“Munyurangabo,” U.S., Lee Isaac Chung

“Night Train,” China, Diao Yi’nan

“Les Pieuvres,” France, Celine Sciamma

“Le Reve de la nuit d’avant,” France, Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi

“La Soledad,” Spain, Jaime Rosales