Night of Silence (2012): Celik’s Turkish Film Wins Award

The Turkish film Night of Silence from director Reis Celik won the Crystal Bear for best film screening in the Berlin Film Festival’s Generation 14plus sidebar.

The drama focuses on an arranged marriage between a 14-year-old bride and a man recently released from prison after serving a sentence for two honor killings. Celik’s film takes place within the single room where the couple meet on their wedding night.

“We were deeply touched by the brilliant actors in this year’s winning film,” said the Generations youth jury announcing their decision Friday. “They let us take part in the feelings of two people who are imprisoned by family traditions which do not leave any space for their own decision making and needs.”

The Generations jury gave special mention to the Swedish drama The Crown Jewels from director Ella Lemhagen. The magic realist thriller stars Alicia Vikander and Bill Skarsgard.

In the short-film categories, Meathead from New Zealand director Sam Holst won the Crystal Bear for best short, and 663114 from Japanese helmer Isamu Hirabayashi received a special mention.