Film Theory: Writing–Definition, Meaning, Function–Moliere, Henry James, Ben Hecht


“Writing is like prostitution.  First, you do it for the love of it, then you do it for a few friends, and finally you do it for the money.”

Henry James

James’ injunction to all writers: “Be someone on whom nothing is lost.”

Ben Hecht:

“Writing a good movie brings a writer about as much fame as steering a bicycle.”

Donald M. Murray, Pulitzer Prize winner:

“Writing is an act of arrogance and communication.”

Lord Chesterfield’s letter to his son:

“Excuse me for writing a long letter. I didn’t have time to write a short one.”

Writer-director Lawrence Kasdan (“Body Heat,” “The Big Chill”) has observed:

“For a writer, every day is a challenge. It’s hard to start, it’s hard to feel that what you’re doing is worthwhile, and it’s hard to know when you’re done.”