Movie Stars: McCarthy, Melissa–Bankable in The Boss despite Bad Reviews

The star power of Melissa McCarthy  lifted the R comedy The Boss to an estimated $23.5 million opening weekend despite bad reviews and negative word-of-mouth.

The broad comedy centers on a business icon who is brought low after she is convicted of insider trading

This figure will be enough to narrowly defeat Batman v Superman from first place at the weekend box office. As it stands, the superhero  fell just short of retaining the top slot, earning  $23.4 million and bringing its total after three weeks to $296.7 million. It is possible that those positions could shift once final numbers roll in on Monday morning.

With “Spy,” “Identity Thief” and now “The Boss,” McCarthy has become one of the most reliable draws in Hollywood.



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Despite McCarthy’s popularity, The Boss could have trouble showing endurance. The film’s middling C+ CinemaScore signals that audiences agree with critics that the picture is flawed. The film is a collaboration between McCarthy and her husband, the director and co-writer Ben Falcone, who previously teamed on 2014’s Tammy. Universal distributed the $29 million production across 3,480 theaters.

Women Fans

McCarthy is the film’s big draw, with 76% of ticket buyers surveyed reporting that they turned out to see the comedian. Women comprised 67% of the audience, with 51% of the opening crowd clocking in over the age of 35.

“She is absolutely a bankable movie star,” said Nick Carpou, president of domestic distribution at Universal. “It’s another number one opening for her.”

“She has a hot streak going like no other comedian, male or female, working today,” said Jeff Bock, an analyst with Exhibitor Relations. “You have to consider the lineage of Eddie Murphy in the ’80s, Jim Carrey in the ’90s and Adam Sandler in the aughts. She is their heir apparent.”