Masterpieces of American and World Cinema: B (Bad and the Beautiful to Butcher Boy)

Updated: July 2, 2020

B: Title, Country, Director, Year

Bad and the Beautiful, The, US, Minnelli, 1952

Badlands, US, Terrence Malick, 1973

Ballad of a Soldier, Soviet Union, 1959

Band of Outsiders, France, Godard, 1964

Band Wagon, The, US, Minnelli, 1953

Battle of Algiers, The, Pontecorvo, 1965

Beauty and the Beast, France, Cocteau, 1946

Belle de Jour, France, Bunuel, 1967

Best Years of Our Lives, The, US, William Wyler, 1946

Bicycle Thief, The, Italy De Sica, 1948

Big Heat, The, US, Lang, 1953

Birds, The, US, Hitchcock, 1963

Black Narcissus, UK, Powell, 1946

Black Stallion, The, US, Ballard, 1979

Blow-Up, UK, Antonioni, 1966

Blue Angel, The, US (also German), Von Sternberg, 1930

Blue Velvet, US, Lynch, 1986

Bob le Flambeur, France, 1955

Bonnie and Clyde, US, Penn, 1967

Breathless, France, Godard, 1959

Bride of Frankenstein, The, 1935

Brief Encounter, UK, David Lean, 1945

Bringing Up Baby, US, Hawks, 1938

Butcher Boy, The UK (Ireland), Neil Jordan, 1997