Indie Cinema: Versus Hollywood–Values, Characteristics, Attributes


Director is often gun for hire

Producer has final cut


Fantasy and escapism

Avoidance of Controversial Issues

Expensive Budget

Movie Stars

Genre Oriented

Formulaic (cookie cutter)

Indie Cinema

Director is often the writer

Director may be producer too

Director has final cut

Realism and engagement

Embracement of Controversial

Cheaply made

Often Unknown actors, or established actors (but not stars)

Personal Vision

More distinctive, individual, unique, sequel-free

However, there are exceptions:

As Terry Zwigoff (Crumb) pointed out: “Sometimes, films made outside the studio system are just as generic, uninteresting in their own way as the worst big-budget dreck”

“I appreciate any film with a strong personal point of view that makes it through to the screen.”