Hollywood 2022: New Horror Movies

Horror Movies of 2022

The Black Phone Scream Morbius
Universal/Paramount Pictures/Sony

Whether they’re low-budget handheld flicks, blockbuster thrillers, reboots or sequels, horror movies are back with a vengeance in 2022.

From franchise expansions (“Scream,” “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”) to new terrors (“Fresh,” “Don’t Worry Darling”), there’s plenty to look forward to in next year’s horror slate.

Genre vet Stephen King’s 1975 novel “Salem’s Lot” is finally getting a feature film adaptation.

Recent horror master Jordan Peele will follow up 2019’s “Us” with new frightening tale.

Jamie Lee Curtis stars in the final installment of David Gordon Green’s modern “Halloween” trilogy, and Isabelle Fuhrman will reprise the spine-chilling role of Esther in “Orphan: First Kill.”

The most anticipated scary movies of 2022.