Film Theory: Narrative Structure–Arrival and Departure (Structuralism)

Oct 20, 2022

Film Theory: Narrative Structure:

Deconstructing Structure (How the plot unfolds)

Seven: Tale is divided into 7 Days (Monday thru Sunday)

They differ in length


Tue: 12 min

Wed: 18 min

Thu: 10 min

Fri: 26 min (longest chapter)

Sat: 9 min

Sun: 28 min

Arrival and Departure (Structuralism):

Picnic (Train)

William Holden arrives by train and leaves by train, after exerting impact on all the resident in town

A Streetcar Named Desire:

Vivien Leigh arrives by a streetcar in New Orleans to visit her sister and at the end leaves the place, escorted by a doctor en route to an asylum, after nervous breakdown

Sweet Bird of Youth:

First scene: Newman drives a car with Gerladine Page into town

Last scene: She leaves; he is embraced by Shirley Knight