Film Theory: Globalization/Americanization

March 14, 2022

Film Theory: Globalization/Americanization

Wim Wenders, 1991, p. 98:

“The Americans have colonized our subconscious.”

Fassbinder (Film Comment, 11, 6 (Nov-Dec 1975, p.33):

“We have tried to construct our films upon our individual understanding of the American cinema.”

Gilles Jacob, quoted in Cultural Wars (1995)

“America is not just interested in exporting its films. It is interested in exporting its way of life.”

Patrice Chereau, Dec 19, 1994:

“There is no shame in listening to Americans. It is true they push hard….but their cinema works and we have things to learn from them.”

(Chereau reedited Queen Margot for U.S. distribution)

Uncritical acceptance of Hollywood superiority. The economic underpinnings of that success discourse, which associated Hollywood with universal standards and technical-thematic modernity.