Directors: Output (Productivity Vs. Creativity); Career Longevity

Directors: Output (Productivity Vs. Creativity)

How to evaluate directors’ careers quantitively and qualitatively?

How important is the variable of output? the number of films made over the span of a director’s career?

Should the number of good films be an absolute, say 5 or 10 features, regardless of the total number made?

Or should it be measured by the number of good films relative to the total number made?

Longevity of career in terms of active years and output are not enough

Brown, Clarence

Mann, Daniel

Mann, Delbert

Marhsall, George: 1919-1969, 50 years but n0t many good or significant films

Where does Vigo fit into the equation?

Terrence Malick, who did not make any film between 1978 and 1998?


Bresson, Robert: 15 films in 50 years

Kubrick, Stanley: 13 films in 47 years

Malick, Terrence: 3 films in the first 27 years; then about 6 in one decade

Tarkovsky, Andrei, 8 films in 28 years

Vigo, Jean: 3 films in 5 years (died at age 29)