Directors: Definition of Filmmaking as Profession; Craftsmen Vs. Artists

Research in progress: June 27, 2021

Directors: Definition of Filmmaking as Profession

Asked what is the secret of becoming a director?

Margarethe Von Trotta:

“Talent is something, but what it really takes is perseverance and not giving up too easily.”

Jan De Bont (Twister, 1996):

“You have to be strong–and strong-willed–or else everyone starts making his own little movie. It’s chaos–and I’ve seen it a lot. Nearly 600 people need to be told what to do.”

The most gifted  American directors of the studio era were producer-directors. They worked independently within the major studio system.

But most directors were craftsmen, not artists, as they had no say over the script, or casting

MGM: The difference between Cukor (not a craftsman or auteur) and Minnelli (craftsman and artist).