Directors: Careers: Shape, Zeitgeist, Misc

Research in progress, Nov 2, 2022

Careers: Shape, Misc, Various Issues, Zeitgeist

Good Movies vs. Masterpieces

John Huston has made many good films, but no masterpiece.

Asphalt Jungle, masterpiece?

Almodovar, 4 masterpieces in a row

Coppola, 70s masterpieces, 4 in a row, then decline


Directors: definition-charactristics

Cukor, acting (and actors)

Griffith demands tolerance

Walsh guts

Hawks, loyalty, wit

Minnelli, magic and style

Europeans in Hollywood

Fritz Lang


Billy Wilder

Otto Preminger

Douglas Sirk


They all brought a transplanted European identity as the basis of a privileged critical perspective on Hollywood genres, and the social mores they conveyed.

Wretched Careers:

Von Stroheim, 1918-193

Von Sternberg

Welles, Orson

Directors depending on collaboration

Dependence on collaborators? but who are the collaborators?

Cukor–actor, writers

Hal Ashby

Macho Directors:




Raoul Walsh

Up and Down

Woody Allen

Robert Altman

John Boorman



Modest, Self-effacing directors

John Cromwell


Versatile Directors

Jonathan Demme

Zeitgeist Directors

Kasdan, Grand Canyon, 1991 (LA in age of Rodney King)

John Hughes, 1980s

Oliver Stone, 1990s

Comparing directors:

Tod Browning and James Whale

John Stahl and Douglas Sirk

Kazan and Richard Brooks

Clarence Brown and Cukor

Cukor and Minnelli

Woody Allen and Mel Brooks

Directors: Mediocre

Nunnally Johnson

Henry King

Henry Koster

Anatole Litvak

One-Film Directors:

Michael Cimino