Directors: Death–Early Termination by Tragic, Untimely Death

The careers of some brilliant directors of world cinema had been cut short due to death at a relatively young age, often at the height of their work.

Among those who died at young are, often at the prime of their careers:

Jean Vigo, age 29 (died in 1934)

Murnau, F.W., age 44 (died in 1931)

Francois Truffaut, age 52 (died in 1984)

Kieslowski, age 54 (died in 1996)

Tarkovsky, age 54 (died in 1986)


Jean Vigo

Writing on Jean Vigo’s career the critic Andrew Johnston stated: “The ranks of the great film directors are short on Keatses and Shelleys, young artists cut off in their prime, leaving behind a handful of great works that suggest what might have been. But one who qualifies is Jean Vigo, the French director who died of tuberculosis at age 29 in 1934.” (the New York Times, June 11, 2000)