Directors: Auteurs; Directors as Stars; Directors as Marketing Tools (Indie Cinema)

Research in progress, Nov 1, 2022

To understand critically the process that makes some directors (and not others) as star names

Directors, over the course of their careers, develop reputations, which are short or long-lasting, justifiable or not

Spielberg Vs. Soderbergh

Directors as Marketing Tools

The filmmaker, groomed, promoted and interviewed, has become a star in his own right.

A particular director can function as a type of brand name

The filmmaker as impresario or self-publicist

When did it start?

After WWII, when more directors were also writers and producers of their work

The image-managering of the director

The director as a factor in the viewer (consumer) choices?

Hitchcock attempted and succeeded directorial manipulation of criticism

Douglas Sirk “remotivated” the meaning of his work for critics

Orchestrating interviews with directors that oriented later readings of the work

Intersections (felicitous or not) between directors’ vision and critical developments in the field. (Klinger).

Directors: Auteurs (Indie Cinema):

Todd Solondz, Premiere, Oct 1988.

“One of the things you’ve got going for you now is that there’s more publicity for low-budget independent directors…Your name as a director is something that you can develop into a certain kind of value, so you can be less dependent on cast. When you buy a book, you look at the author.”