• Last Words: Nossier’s Feature, Starring Nolte and Rampling, is part of Cannes 2020

    Jonathan Nossiter’s fourth feature, Last Words, was selected as part of Cannes 2020, a selection of films to travel the fall film festivals with Cannes signature of approval. This French-Italian co-production is described as a sci-fi pre-apocalyptic tale. The story is set in 2085, when no human babies have been born in over a decade. […]

    Inspirational Movies

    There are certain occasions in life when you need or want something comforting; In moviegoing terms, this means¬† well-drawn theatrical characters living in self-contained , dramaturgical sound world where when conflict arises, there’s resolution, and the characters never break the fourth wall to comment on the action. At times, animals are used as life-affirming symbols, […]

    North by Northwest: Making of Hitchcock’s Classic

    ‘I don’t want you to do a sink-to-sink movie again, ever. You’ve done these black-and-white movies like ‘On the Waterfront.’ It’s drab in that tenement house. Women go to the movies, and they’ve just left the sink at home. They don’t want to see you at the sink.’ Hitchcock to Eva Marie Saint

    On the Waterfront: Making of Classic Drama

    Eva Marie Saint made her feature film debut in On the Waterfront (1954), starring Marlon Brando and directed by Elia Kazan,a performance for which she won the Best Supporting Actress Oscar. Her performance in the role of Edie Doyle (whose brother’s death sets the film’s drama in motion), which she won over such leading contenders […]

    Movie Stars: Colbert, Caludette–Career; Profile, Screen Image

    Screen Image: Claudette Colbert had a mixture of unique physical assets (her round apple-face, big eyes, slender body, an elegant voice, aristocratic manner, relaxed acting, a tongue-in-cheek vivacity, intelligent style, comedic timing, and ladylike alluring charm, that distinguishes her from other screwball comediennes of the 1930s. In her comedy films, she invariably played intelligent, self-reliant […]

    Film Criticism as Profession: Issues for Study

    Film Criticism as Profession: Issues for Study.

    American Film Criticism: Theory and Practice–Course Offered at Columbia, NYU, UCLA Film Schools

    The major goal of this course is to demonstrate what is distinctive about American Film Criticism in theory as well practice by placing it in broader socio-historical and comparative perspectives.

    MGM: Studio Logo–Leo the Lion

    It was also the first film to feature Leo the Lion as the mascot for MGM. Leo had appeared in the logo for Goldwyn Pictures Corporation in 1916, and the trademark was retained by MGM when the companies merged.

    Movie Cycles: Gangster Films of Early 1930s, Launched by Little Ceasar to

    The first cycle of crime-gangster films benefited from the introduction of thee sound technology, in the late 1920s. One of that era’s most influential gangster films, Little Caesar, was made by Mervyn LeRoy at Warner Bros in 1930.¬† Though it was not the first gangster film of the talkies era (that was Lights of New […]

    Westerns: 100 Most Popular Westerns

    May 2, 2020 Most Popular Westerns (A to Z): Alamo, The, 1960 Annie Get Your Gun, 1950 Beguiled, The, Big Country, The Big Jake, 1971 Bandalero, 1968 Blazing Saddles, 1974 Bronco Billy, 1980 Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid, 1969 Carpetbeggars, The, 1964 Cat Ballou, 1965 Cheyenne social club, the, 1970 Chisum, 1970 Cimarron, 1933 Cimarron, […]

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