• Oscar Directors: Abrahamson, Lenny–Background, Career, Awards

    August 8, 2020 Lenny Abrahamson Career Summation Occupational Inheritance: No Social Class: Race/Ethnicity: Jewish (born); atheist Nationality: Irish Formal Education: Training: First Film: Adam & Paul, 2004, age 38 First Oscar Nomination: Room, 2015; age 49 Other Nominations: No Oscar Awards: Emmy Nominations Span: Genre (specialties): Collaborators: Last Film: Contract: Career Output: NA Career Span: […]

    Cinematic Elite: Age, Achievement, Fame, Reputation in Hollywood: The Oscar Directors, 1929-Present

    Cinematic Elite: Age, Achievement, Fame and Reputation: The Oscar Directors, 1929-Present Table of Contents: Chapter 1: Social Origins Background, Occupational Inheritance; Social Class; Race/Ethnicity; Nationality Chapter 2: Formal Education and Training: Chapter 3: Age at First Film: Chapter 4: Age at First Oscar Nomination: Chapter 5: Age of Winning First Oscar Chapter 6: Multiple Nominations; […]

    Directors: Obscure–Goodwins, Leslie

    Leslie Goodwins directed Tarnished Angel, a B-level musical scripted by Jo Pagano, based on a story by Saul Elkins. Starring Sally Eilers, Lee Bowman, Ann Miller, and Alma Kruger, the film was produced and distributed by RKO and released on October 28, 1938. Cast Sally Eilers as Carol Vinson Lee Bowman as Paul Montgomery Ann […]

    Hitchcock: River, Water, Rain

    Hitchcock Motifs: River, Water, Rain

    Hitchcock: Crowd Scenes, Heroes and Villains

    The¬† duel between¬† the hero and villain/adversary is often in front of ignorant crows. 39 Steps, political rally Saboteur, charity dance North By NW, auction; observatory Saboteur: hero tries to snatch of Nazi agents and to escape, but the scene is a great hall with guests, so they all have to observe rules of social […]

    Somebody: I Wanna Be Somebody; I’m Gonna Be Somebody–Myths in American Cinema and Culture

    I Wanna Be Somebody; I’m Gonna Be Somebody–Myths in American Cinema and Culture

    Directors: Prolific, Impersonal Directors with Large, Undistinguished Output

    Prolific, Impersonal Directors with Large, Undistinguished Output (over 40 films) Cahn, Edward L. Films directed by Edward L. Cahn 1930s/1940s The Homicide Squad (1931)Law and Order (1932)Radio Patrol (1932)Afraid to Talk (1932)Emergency Call (1933)Laughter in Hell (1933)Death Drives Through (1935)Confidential (1935)Bad Guy (1937)Redhead (1941)The Omaha Trail (1942, uncredited)Main Street After Dark (1945)Dangerous Partners (1945)Born to […]

    Acting: Taps (1981)

    Movies which launched or promoted the careers of many players of their ensemble.

    Directors: Choice of Subject Matter, Theme, Characters, Genre

    Directors: Choice of Subject Matter, Theme, Genre

    Directors: Background, Origins (Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Writing. Theater, TV)g

    July 18, 2020 Directors: Origins–Where they came from Avenue to Directing Up the Ranks (Studio) Tetzlaff, Ted, 1903 Ulmer, Edgar G., 1900   Actors: Beatty, Warren Clooney, George Costner, Kevin Eastwood, Clint Hanks, Tom Marshall, Penny Nicholson, Jack Penn, Sean Redford, Robert Reiner, Bob Robbins, Tim Streisand, Barbra   Cinematography: Mate, Rudolph More distinguished as […]

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