• Rocketman: Celebrating Elton John’s Life, Thus Far

    Rocketman, the musical movie telling his remarkable life story, co-produced by his husband David Furnish and by him, received its world premiere in front of a rapturous black-tied audience. To paraphrase the song he composed for Disney’s The Lion King, he certainly felt the love last night. If any of this also felt like the […]

    Dead Poets Society: Gay Cinema Draft

    “Affecting performances from the young cast and a genuinely inspirational turn from Robin Williams grant Peter Weir’s prep school drama top honors.”[12] Solid, smart entertainment Dead Poets Society is far less about Keating than about some impressionable boys”. The film’s “middlebrow highmindedness”, When he mimics various actors reciting Shakespeare there was no clowning.  he reminded […]

    Film Theory: Classify

    In the 1970s, influential theories of spectatorship and representation. Metz on the film experience: Cinema retains something of “the sight of the primal scene.” Steven Heath: on Narrativity   Methods–McDonald (Avant-Garde Book) The 20 chapters in this book are arranged in a manner that reflects the dimensions of Each chpater provides an extended look at […]

    Hollywood 2019: Younger and Younger

    The film industry seems to be getting younger and younger in terms of the talent in front of the cameras. Consider Cole, who is now 27. The 2005 hit Disney Channel sitcom The Suite Life of Zack & Cody could have turned Cole and his twin brother, Dylan, into matinee idols. In 2011, Sprouse enrolled […]

    Movie Stars: Crawford, Joan–Legacy; Gay Icon

    Crawford had a large following in the gay community. In Joan Crawford: The Essential Biography, the author explains that Crawford appeals to gay men because they sympathize with her struggle for success in both the entertainment industry and her personal life.

    Film Theory: Intertextuality–Truffaut’s Jules et Jim

    While watching Truffaut’s 1961 masterpiece, Jules et Jim, starring Jeanne Moreau, we inevitably think and make allusions and references to other films: Jacques Demy’s “The Young Girls of Rochefort” Noel Coward’s “Design for Living” Peter Bogdanovich’s “At Long Last Love” Paul Mazursky’s “Willie and Phil” And other films that center on a romantic triangle, or […]

    Hitchcock: Themes–Love and Trust

    The possibility (potential) of love and trust to redeem two lives from fear, guilt, and meaninglessness is a recurrent theme. Initially, there may be a tension or struggle between love and trust. This is most evident in “Notorious.” Share this:

    Movie Settings: Definition, Concept, Meaning, Examples

    In film, setting includes the time, location, and everything in which a story takes place, and initiates the main backdrop and mood for a story.

    Directors: Patterns in Selecting Subjects, Themes, Characters

    Directors: Patterns in the Selection of Subjects, Themes, and Characters  in the work of Hollywood filmmakers. Share this:

    Motherless Brooklyn: Edward Norton’s Passion Project

    In Edward Norton’s Motherless Brooklyn, the 1950s-set New York noir detective story he produced, directed, wrote and stars in, politics are not far from the surface.

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