Wonder Woman: Commercial Success Driven by Female and Older Viewers

The huge success of Wonder Woman has been propelled by strong support from female moviegoers and older viewers, according to study by marketing data analytics firm Movio.

Patty Jenkins’ tentpole has taken so far in $356.7 million domestically in 34 days, after the $103 million opening weekend.

On Wednesday, the movie has topped “Inside Out” as the 38th highest domestic grosser of all time.

Matthew Liebmann, Movio’s senior VP for the Americas, explains: “While the female and 50+ segments of the audience generally grow over the course of the run, ‘Wonder Woman’s’ female audience nearly reached parity with the male audience by the third week.”

Strong reviews and word-of mouth drove its impressive performance after opening weekend. Liebmann told Variety that it’s unprecedented for a superhero tentpole movie to reach male-female parity at any point of its run — due to propensity of male moviegoers to support those titles.
The average superhero movie draws a 62% male audience.

“Even ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens,’ which had a strong female lead with Daisy Ridley, never got closer than 56-44 male,” Liebman said.

Patty Jenkins Wonder Woman

The audience share for moviegoers over 50 increased from 12% to 22% over the first weeks — 20% higher than other tentpoles.  One fifth (22%) of “Wonder Woman” viewers are infrequent moviegoers (who see one to four films a year), compared to a 16% average for that group.

Movio’s data also showed that average number of admissions per purchase for “Wonder Woman” was above average.

“There was an increase in parents taking their children to see the film, it wasn’t just the female audience that made this film a hit.”

In March, Movio released a study at CinemaCon showing that U.S. moviegoers who are over 50 comprise more than 30% of all admissions and that the 50-plus audience averaged 6.8 annual visits to cinemas, compared with 5.2 annual visits for the average moviegoer.