Dear Readers,

We are delighted to relaunch our film website, which now has many new features, including Blogs, Videos, and most important of all, greater interactive functions with you. You are now able to comment on any review and article that are published on the site, provided that you register. We hope that many of you will register so that we have a better idea of who our readers are and what their wishes and preferences are.

The timing is perfect: EmanuelLevy.Com is beginning its 17th successful year. A new staff of young writers, fresh out of film school, is joining the vet team of critics, hoping to increase the range and width of coverage of  film and popular culture.

Thanks again for your active support, which has meant a lot to me and the other writers, and please bear with us during the transition to the new site, should there be any glitches.


Emanuel Levy
Chief Critic and Editor