Website's Fifth Anniversary: New Sections

Dear Readers,

We are beginning the sixth year of our website strongly with many more new features, such as Videos and the Daily List. However, due to exponential growth of readership on the one hand and a small staff of five on the other, the board of directors has decided to increase the Link section. While the Daily List is updated at least twice a day, we encourage our readers to always check out the Link segment, which includes many interesting articles about the global film world, American as well as international. 
As always, our first and foremost commitment is to high-quality contents, particularly when it comes to reviews, commentary and Oscar Alert. Thus, most of the articles that are linked cove the more industrial, commercial, and business aspects of the industry, as reported in Variety, Hollywood Reporter, and other trades.
Thanks again for your loyal support. It's been a great pleasure being the editor and chief critic of the site, which is wonderfully managed by Tom Logeran.
What the Critics Say:
"One of the most erudite and cerebral websites"–Patrick Goldstein, L.A. Times
"One of the best predictors of the Oscars"—N.Y. Times.
"The content is great and the writing splendid"—Roger Ebert
A reliable, well-rounded, informative film source, is polled by Rotten Tomatoes, IMDB, Ultimate Film Guide, Wikipedia, and others. Articles are often quoted in USA Today, LA Times, and other venues in their coverage of Hollywood and the Oscars.