Top Gun: Maverick–Tom Cruise Promoting Sequel at Comic-Con

Tom Cruise made a surprise appearance at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday to promote the forthcoming Top Gun: Maverick.

After a warm reception, he said: “I felt it was my responsibility to deliver for you. ” Cruise the  reminisced on the original Top Gun shoot in Downtown San Diego, back in 1986.

Cruise appeared on the tail end of the “Terminator: Dark Fate” panel, another movie from Paramount and Skydance.

He said “to me, ‘Top Gun’ is about competition.”

The original Tony Scott-directed film was a huge success, grossing more than $350 million globally on a $15 million budget, catapulting Tom Cruise, then 24, to major stardom.

Watch the trailer:


In the trailer shown, the battle seems to have moved from a class of fighter pilots to Cruise taking on a changing institution.

“You’re a dinosaur,” a high-ranking official played by Ed Harris tells Cruise’s pilot, now an instructor trying to thrive in a military reliant on technology.

There’s plenty of high-flying in fancy new jets, glimpses of Cruise’s iconic bomber jacket and Ray-Ban sunglasses — and even a new generation of shirtless volleyball players, led by actor Glen Powell.

Originally slated for this year, Paramount pushed the film to 2020 to tinker with its flight sequences. The sequel sees Cruise portray a flight instructor.

“Oblivion” helmer Joe Kosinski is directing the film, a sequel to 1986’s “Top Gun,” from a script by Peter Craig, Justin Marks and Eric Warren Singer. Jerry Bruckheimer, who produced the first movie with the late Don Simpson, will produce with Cruise and Skydance CEO David Ellison.

Jennifer Connelly has a big role, as does Miles Teller who will play Goose’s son and Maverick’s new protege. Goose, the co-pilot to Cruise’s character in the original, was played by Anthony Edwards.

Val Kilmer reprises his role as Tom “Iceman”  in the sequel.

Jon Hamm, Ed Harris, Lewis Pullman, Charles Parnell, Jay Ellis, Bashir Salahuddin, Danny Ramirez and Monica Barbaro round out the cast.