Superman: Another Man of Steel Picture? Or Supergirl and Other Femme-Driven Flicks

British actor Henry Caville’s future as the Man of Steel in the DC Extended Universe is uncertain at Warner as the studio is holding off on developing new films about Superman.

DC Films and Warner are shifting their focus to femme-driven stories, such as a Supergirl movie, with a teen heroine.

Batman V Superman: Henry Cavill

They are also developing Harley Quinn’s Birds of Prey spinoff, with Oscar nominee Margot (I, Tonya) Robbie reprising her role as the strange antihero, along with Todd Phillips’ standalone Joker film.

Then there is Wonder Woman sequel, Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 1984, out in November 2019. Gal Gadot portrayed the eponymous heroine in “Wonder Woman,” the fourth installment in the DC Universe, which became a massive box office hit and a cultural touchstone.

Warner had promoted Walter Hamada to oversee DC films and restructure the comic book pictures in order to match the global popularity of Marvel movies.