Super Bowl 2018: Timberlake Sings Greatest Hits–No Controversy, No Wardrobe Malfunction

Justin Timberlake returned to the Super Bowl halftime stage for the first time in 13 years on Sunday–without nipplegate or other “wardrobe malfunction.”

For his return since his since his infamous appearance with Janet Jackson in 2001, in which he exposed Jackson’s breast, Timberlake and his band The Tennessee Kids ran through his greatest hits since his 2002 debut solo album, Justified.

Timberlake kicked off with a rendition of a single from his new album, Man of the Woods, “Filthy.” He started underneath the stage on the U.S. Bank Stadium field, set up like a club.  He then rendered of “Rock Your Body,” the song that accompanied his infamous duo with Jackson in 2004.

Timberlake, walking among the crowd, then moved into “SexyBack,” moving to the stage and dancing among backup dancers and square light displays.

Timberlake shed his outerwear during “My Love,” revealing a shirt emblazoned with a desert scene in an aesthetic befitting his new, country-and-pop-focused album, and jumped up and down with a band onstage. Timberlake continued to show off dance moves during “Cry Me a River,” which ended with an ambitious routine on the NFL logo on the field.

Timberlake mounted a small stage for “Suit & Tie,” backed by a full brass marching band whose members were in suits and ties. The singer-son writer then gave a tribute, playing the piano and singing Prince’s “I Will Die 4 U” in front of a hologram of Prince. Prince, who died in April 2016, was a native of Minneapolis, and his residence, Paisley Park, lies on the outskirts of the city.

Backup dancers held up mirrors reflecting light during Timberlake’s single “Mirror,” which then turned rainbow during “Can’t Stop the Feeling.” Timberlake finished the set by running into stands, encouraging the crowd to sing and clap.

Before the big game, Timberlake said he would not bring his 1990s band ‘N Sync back on stage, or Jackson. Timberlake said that his band, The Tennessee Kids, would perform with him and that the would showcase things “never done before.” Jackson also said that she would not be returning.

The performance marked the first time Timberlake took to the Super Bowl stage alone. Besides 2004, Timberlake also performed at the Super Bowl halftime show in 2001, where his band ‘N Sync performed with Britney Spears and Aerosmith. “I really am looking at it as my first time,” Timberlake said in a video of preparation for the performance. “I believe it’s also the place where there’s nothing wrong with giving people what they want,” he added.

In 2004, Timberlake Jackson performed a duet of “Rock Your Body,” which was supposed to include a stunt wherein Timberlake exposed Jackson’s bra during the lyric “Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song,” according to Jackson’s publicist.

The failed move resulted in a $550,000 fine for broadcaster CBS from the FCC, and MTV being removed as a producer of Super Bowl events. While Jackson issued two public apologies for the incident, Timberlake gave one public statement. “Hey, man, we love giving you all something to talk about.”

The 52nd edition of the Super Bowl was held at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis.