Redford’s Oscar Year as Actor?

all_is_lost_2Robert Redford gives the performance of a life time in “All Is Lost,” a survival at sea adventure-drama, which just opened theatrically after traveling the global festival road.

Several readers have questioned my suggestion that this would be Redford’s first Oscar.  Yes, I know.  I am an Oscar guru, based on my book, All About Oscar: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards, first published in 1986 and still in print in its 11th updated edition (very proud of the book).

Redford was lucky to win the Best Actor Oscar in 1980 for his feature debut, “Ordinary People,” which also won Best Picture.  I think the winner that year should have been Scorsese for “Raging Bull” (sorry).

all_is_lost_3He was nominated for a second directorial Oscar for a better picture, “Quiz Show,” in 1994, a year that was dominated by Robert Zemeckis’ “Forrest Gump” (which won Best Picture and Best Director Oscars, among others) on the one hand and Tarantino’s “Pulp Fiction” on the other.

In 2001, Redford received a well-deserved Honorary Oscar, but the limelight that year was taken by the two black performers who won the acting Oscars: Halle Berry for “Monster’ Ball” and Denzel Washington for “Training Day.”

I am now talking about Redford winning the Best Actor Oscar for “All Is Lost.”  If he wins, it will be his first legit acting Oscar and second nomination–his first and only nod thus far was in 1973 for “The Sting.”