Rabbit Hole: Nicole Kidman's Oscar Card?

Nicole Kidman stars as Becca in "Rabbit Hole," directed by John Mitchell. The film, which also stars Aaron Eckhart, is being released by Lionsgate on December 17.

“I related to her stoicism,” Kidman says of her character.  “I always approached Becca as if she is in such enormous pain that if she even touches on it she’ll break, which I think could be true of any woman who loses their child. She has to wake up every morning with this debilitating and crippling loss, and the only way Becca can deal with things is to just keep moving forward. She’s desperately trying to choose life – so by taking paintings down and cleaning out the house she’s saying ‘I can’t just crumple up and die now, so how do I live? I’ve got to find a way.’”