Other Woman: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

the_other_woman_posterThe chick flick “The Other Woman” has knocked “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” off its throne after a three-week rule.

Fox’s revenge comedy opened domestically to $9.3 million on Friday, dominating Disney-Marvel’s superhero pic, which earned $4.5 million.

Despite negative reviews, the word-of-mouth is positive, and “The Other Woman” may gross $25 million over the weekend.

The femme-driven, female-skewing “Other Woman,” poorly directed by Nick Cassavetes, is benefiting from positive word-of-mouth.

Although it was mostly panned by critics (only 24% fresh on the Rotten Tomatoes meter), the raunchy girl power picture is performing well, partly thanks to its three leading ladies: Cameron Diaz, Kate Upton and Leslie Mann. In the movie, the women team up to get payback on the Don Juan that’s three-timing each of them.

Cameron Diaz: Sexy Bankable Star

the_other_woman_4_diazOne of the sexiest stars around, Cameron Diaz, who also worked with Nick Cassavetes on “My Sister’s Keeper,” in 2009, has found her niche with recent edgier, more riske roles, including “The Counselor,” which was a failure, and “Bad Teacher,” which was a success, opening to $31.6 million in 2011.

“The Other Woman”, which cost $40 million to produce, opened last week in Australia opposite “The Amazing Spider-Man 2” with $4.2 million and expanded to 28 other markets this weekend, the U.K. is the only major territory.

Enjoying a very wide release, the picture is showing in 3,205 U.S. theaters.  Could it gross $100 million?