Oscars 2021: Academy to Loosen In-Person Attendance Requirement for Nominees 

Oscar Statuettes

Carlo Allegri/Getty Images
In response to widespread backlash about a requirement that nominees participate in the ceremony in-person or not at all, the Academy is planning to offer nominees new accommodations.
Many nominees based outside of the United States have been upset about missing out on Oscar night altogether as COVID surges in Europe and other parts of the world sparked renewed health concerns and travel restrictions. In some places, travel must now be “business essential” to obtain a travel visa, and in other places visa offices themselves have closed down.

Both nominees and the distributors of their films have expressed concerns about the quarantine requirements on both sides of travel, which would come with significant financial burdens for one party or the other.

The Academy has apparently heard these worries, as all nominees have been directly contacted and invited to participate in a Tuesday morning Zoom “conversation with show producers” Soderbergh, Stacey Sher and Jesse Collins, during which they will be given “updates about the show,” including options to participate remotely.