Oscar Impact: Still Alice, Julianne Moore, and the Box-Office

julianne_moore_independent_spirit_still_aliceMany major Oscar winners got a nice rise at the box office after last weekend’s Oscar Awards ceremony.


Newly minted best picture victor “Birdman” grossed $1.9 million, representing more than a 120% jump over the previous weekend and pushing its domestic box office take to $40.3 million.

Still Alice

“Still Alice” got a big lift from Julianne Moore’s Best Actress win (at her fiftht nomination).  Its earnings climbed more than 20% from the previous weekend.

The drama, which is artistically mediocre (to say the leas) about a woman struggling with Alzheimer’s disease picked up $2.7 million, after nearly doubling its screen count to 1,318, bringing its total to just shy of $12 million.

julianne_moore_oscarsI wish Julianne Moore won for a better film that’s worthy of her caliber as an actress.  As I noted earlier, Julianne’s role in Still Alice bears thematic resembalnce to Away from Her, a far better melodrama, starring the luminous Julie Christie, which also received a Best Actress Oscar nomination.

As happy as I am for Julianne, my faborite female lead actress last year was Marion Cotillard, not for one, but for two vastly different roles, The Immigrant (which few viewers saw) and Two Days One Night.



“Whiplash” exploited J.K. Simmons’ Best Supporting Actor victory, pulling in $677,249 after adding roughly 100 screens.  It has made $12.3 million since opening.

Theory of Everything

Best actor winner “Theory of Everything” added $649,000 to its $35 million take on the strength of Eddie Redmayne’s triumph.

“Maybe the Oscar bump exists after all for smaller films that have a little room to grow like this,” said Dergarabedian.