Oscar: What’s So Special About It?

I have been collecting statements and quotes about the Oscar Award and the Oscar show ever since I wrote what I believe to be the first serious book about the Academy Awards, first published in 1986 as And the Winner Is: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards and now in it its 11th edition as All About Oscar.

Here is what Martin Scorsese, who finally won Best Director Oscar at his sixth nomination, said……

The Academy award is the Nobel Prize of motion pictures.

Leroy Johnston

Nothing denotes success so visibly and tangibly as the Oscars.

British journalist

The Oscar is the most particular of American phenomenon

Vincent Canby, NY Times film critic

Aside from the campaign for President, the Oscar derby is America’s most contentious horse race.

Richard Corliss, film critic

When people see the label Academy Award Winner, they go to see that movie.

Martin Scorsese, Oscar nominee

The Oscar show is Hollywood’s orgy of self‑congratulation.

Anonymous executive

In the mythology of the cinema, the Oscar is the supreme prize.

Federico Fellini

The Oscars are classic American Kitsch

Lily Tomlin, Oscar nominee

The Oscar is as valid as any award around

Jack Nicholson, three-times Oscar winner

When I was a young boy, the two seminal television events in my family were the World Series and the Academy Awards.

Harvey Weinstein, WC and former Miramax co-president

As the aforementioned quotes suggest, the Oscar Award and the Oscar telecast continue to fulfill various functions and to convey different meanings in American pop culture.