Oscar 2014: Supporting Actress–10 Performances to Watch

Patricia Arquette as the mother in Linklater's masterful Boyhood

Patricia Arquette as the mother in Linklater’s masterful Boyhood

Now that we have seen Disney’s musical, Into the Woods, we are adding the incomparable Meryl Steep, a perennial nominee, to out list of frontrunners.

At least two films offer strong supporting roles not for one but for for women: Birdman and Interstellaer.

And, as in the past, Jessica Chastain continues to impress in almost every film that she makes, and this season, she renders two strong, vastly different, interpretations in Internstellar and in A Most Violent Year.


Supporting Actresses (in alphabetical order):

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

If recognized, it will be her first Oscar nomination

Jessica Chastain, Interstellar or A Most Violent Year (I choose the latter)

Chastain as Oscar Isaac's morally dubious wife

Chastain as Oscar Isaac’s morally dubious wife

Chastain has been nominated twice before, for the lead (Zero Dark Thirty, 2011) and for the supporting (The Help, 2010)

Laura Dern, Wild

Dern has been nominated before, for Rambling Rose in 1991

Anne Hathaway, Interstellar

Hattaway won the Supporting Actress Oscar for Les Miserable

Keira Knightley. Imitation Game

Knightley has been nominated before

Vanessa Redgrave, Foxcatcher

A multiple nominee, Redgrave won the Supporting Actress Oscar in 1977 for Julia

Emma Stone as Michael Ketaon's daughter in Birdman

Emma Stone as Michael Ketaon’s daughter in Birdman



Emma Stone, Birdman

Stone has never been nominated before

Meryl Streep, Into the Woods

Streep, queen of the Oscars, needs no introduction

Watts, Naomi, Birdman

Watts has been nominated twice before for the Best Actress Oscar


Previous Oscar Records

Of the 9 actresses (and 10 performances) on our list:

3 have won the Oscar

7 have been nominated.

New Oscar nominess (potentially): 2

Patricia Arquette and Emma Stone