Oscar 2014: Critics Vs. Academy Voters?

boyhood_posterIndiewire: Results of a poll conducted among the country’s critics

Best Picture

Who Will Win:

Many are calling this year’s best picture race the closest call in a long time.

“Birdman” got a majority of “who will” picks here, taking 63% of them.

Its closest competition was “Boyhood” with 31%

“American Sniper” 4%

“The Theory of Everything”  2%

Who Should Win:

“Birdman” fell to third place here, with only 16% saying it would deserve the win that most are predicting.

birdman_posterCritics would be much happier with “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (27%) or “Boyhood,” which won the most votes at 31%.

Every film save “The Theory of Everything” got some votes as well:

“Selma” (14%)

“Whiplash” (9%)

“American Sniper” (2%)

“The Imitation Game” (2%).

Best Director

Who Will Win:

A much closer call than Best Picture.

“Birdman” director Alejandro González Iñárritu narrowly beating out “Boyhood”‘s Richard Linklater 54% to 46%.

Who Should Win:

Everyone but Morten Tyldum (“Imitation Game”) had support here.

Richard Linklater was the clear winner with 54%.

Iñárritu followed with 25%

Wes Anderson 17%

Bennett Miller 4%


Best Actress

Who Will Win:

A whopping 98% are saying Julianne Moore will indeed win her first Oscar for “Still Alice.”

Who Should Win:

Julianne Moore only managed 26% of the “who should” voters, however, while 39% said Marion Cotillard should win her second golden boy for “Two Days, One Night.”

Reese Witherspoon and Rosamund Pike had their fair share of fans too, with 20% going for former and 15% picking the latter.

Best Actor

Who Will Win:

The tightest of the acting races.

67% said Eddie Redmayne will win for “The Theory of Everything”

while 29% said Michael Keaton. A Bradley Cooper upset (which is quite possible) was predicted by 4% of those polled.

Who Should Win:

Everybody got over 7% of the “should win” votes here, though Michael Keaton still won a slight majority with 52%.

Following Keaton, in descending order, were:

Bradley Cooper (17%)

Eddie Redmayne (15%)

Steve Carell (9%)

Benedict Cumberbatch (7%)