Multiple Sarcasms: Interview with Brooks Branch


Brooks Branch is the writer/director of "Multiple Sarcasms," starring Timothy Hutton and Mira Sorvino. The film is being released on May 7 by Multiple Avenue Releasing.

In creating the 1970’s milieu of Multiple Sarcasms, writer/director Brooks Branch drew inspiration from a time when American cultural, artistic and political spirit was in full bloom. While writing the script, Brooks sought to incorporate the nimble balance of comedy, drama and natural dialogue that is evocative of that era’s filmmakers.

“Life rarely exists as exclusively comedic or exclusively dramatic. Most of us struggle through a balancing act of the two. ‘Multiple Sarcasms’ became an ideal project for me to explore that balance, for as we all know the pursuit of finding what makes us feel complete comes with both pleasures and pitfalls.” 

Though Brooks has helmed numerous large-scale art, entertainment, music, design and publishing projects, Multiple Sarcasms marks his first feature film directing effort. 

“One of the luxuries of making a film independently is there is no pressure to make creative choices for reasons other than what integrity requires, so, for example, we were able to cast each role with exactly the right actor and they did an amazing job.”

“I couldn’t imagine a better anchor for this film than Timothy Hutton,” says Brooks. “He has the amazing ability to get to the levels of depth and darkness that I had envisioned, but underneath there’s a remarkable layer of vulnerability that can make it relatable.”