Minnelli: My Bio Book Sold Out

book pack

book pack

It is with mixed feelings that I have to report that the first (hardcover) edition of my book, Vincente Minnelli: Hollywood’s Dark Dreamer, published by St. Martin’s, is sold out.

Mixed feelings due to the fact that the book was written and published during a tough era in my life, the terminal illness and untimely death of my longtime companion, Rob Remley.  It is the only book of the eight I have written thus far that didn’t not get any promotion, publicity, book signings and events due to Rob’s deteriorating condition.

Mixed feelings also due to the fact that all the editors I had worked with are no longer with the publisher, and thus the prospects of second softcover edition are not very bright at the moment.

I am very proud of my book about Vincente Minnelli, which is available at libraries and special collections, but cannot even be found at Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

Thanks to all the readers, who have bought and/or read the book and commented on it.