Madonna: Performs at Stonewall Inn, Where LGBTQ Movement Began in 1969

Good, Unexpected beginning for 2019!

The Stonewall Inn, the bar in New York’s Greenwich Village where the riots that kicked off the modern LGBTQ movement took place in 1969, had announced that Madonna is the ambassador for the 50th anniversary celebrations.

On New Year’s Eve, Dec 31, 1969, word leaked out that Madonna would be making an appearance.

And lo and behold, just after midnight, she gave a speech and then performed two songs accompanied by David Banda (her adopted 13-year-old son) on acoustic guitar.

Wearing black jeans, a black shirt, a black leather jacket with glittering chains and a shiny bow in her hair, Madonna took the tiny stage saying, “I just wanna say I’ve never performed on a stage this small!” The enraptured crowd cheered wildly.