Inception: Chris Nolan's New Film

First look at Inception.

Chris Nolan's new film, “Inception,” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will be released next summer.

Please watch the Inception Trailer in the Video section.

Despite pressures from Warner, Christopher Nolan decided to take a break from the “Batman” franchise after the huge success of “The Dark Knight” in order to write and direct a more personal film, described by him deliberately vaguely as a “contemporary sci-fi actioner set within the architecture of the mind.”

The teaser trailer for “Inception” has jus been released and you van judge for yourself.  For some, the teaser echoes images from the director's 2000 breakthrough film “Memento,” as well as “Batman” series.  For otthers, there are acrobatic sequences that recall the “Matrix” movies, darkly urban landscapes just like those in “Dark Knight,” and a tagline that implies a story set within the human mind.

The all-star cast is headed by Leonardo DiCaprio and includes Joseph Gordon-Levitt (who replaced James Franco due to conflicts of schedule) and Marion Cotillard, Oscar-winner for “La Vie en Rose,” and recently seen in Michael Mann's gansgter epic “Public Enemies.”  

A veil of mystery and secrecy surrounds the production, and the ensemble has been instructed not to talk about the script or plot.  Even so, rumors abound about the plot of what's surely one of the most eagerly awaited films of 2010.

Reportedly, DiCaprio plays an exec leading an elite team with an ambiguous  mission.  Gordon-Levitt and Tom Hardy (“RocknRolla”) are his associates,   Ellen Page is a grad student and DiCaprio's “sidekick,” and Cotillard plays his wife.  Japanese actor Ken Watanabe is said to play the villain of the piece.  The work of DiCaprio and his team involves entering the minds of characters in order to retrieve some invaulable information, while planting other, dangerous items.