Horrible Bosses: Starring Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston was quite charming in the hit TV series “Friends.”  Though she is the only actor of this series to have enjoyed a viable movie career, it took her time to develop as an actress and comedienne on the big screen.

Having worked steadily, Anniston shows great improvement, and “Horrible Bosses,” in which she is well cast as a sexy-crazed boss, defined by what mainstream culture considers to be a male appetite, may feature her best work to date.

Director Seth Gordon acknowledges it’s the undeniable chemistry between the film’s leads — often referred to on set as Charlie & the two Jasons — that really propels the action.


“We got very lucky with this incredible synergy and these three accomplished comic actors who adapted to each others’ rhythms so perfectly and worked so wonderfully together.”

Male Camaraderie

That camaraderie is key as Nick, Dale and Kurt try to brainstorm ideas and bolster one another’s resolve in the face of everything they’re up against. And for Dale, “up against,” literally means his boss’s hands and any part of his body within reach.

Jennifer Anniston: Sex-Crazed

As the unwilling prey of the sex-crazed Dr. Julia Harris, who can’t seem to keep her lab coat buttoned up when he’s in the room, “Dale is the hopeless romantic of the group,” says Charlie Day. “He’s desperately in love with his fiancée and just wants to be a good guy but his boss is constantly coming on to him. Sometimes even his buddies don’t quite sympathize with him.”

That’s understandable, considering that Dr. Harris is played by Jennifer Aniston.

“We drew straws to see which one of us would play Dale, and Charlie won,” jokes Bateman. But, as everyone knows, no means no and this is one woman who never got that memo. When her daily routine of grabbing, flashing and talking trash isn’t enough, she adds blackmail to the list.

Outrageous Dialogue

“I’ve never played a character so inexcusably raunchy and there was no way I could resist it — the dialogue and the situations are so outrageous and fun. I jumped at it immediately,” says Aniston, who calls the movie “a guilty pleasure for people unhappy in their jobs, to maybe go and get it out of their system by rooting for these guys.

“It really stretches the limits and crosses boundaries and Dr. Harris is way out in front on all counts: guilty as charged,” she adds.

Masculine Appetite

“What I love about the character is how masculine she is in her sexual appetite. As Jennifer and I discussed in rehearsals, Dr. Harris is a predator, like a lion. They don’t feel one way or another, they just have to feed,” says Gordon. “It was really important to find an actress who could play Julia with all the intensity and delicious naughtiness the role deserves, and I thought it would be even better if it was someone audiences wouldn’t expect. This is radically different from any role her fans have ever seen her in before and she just kills; you have to see it to believe it. It’s electrifying to hear her deliver this dialogue. She’s absolutely fearless and hilarious.”

Aniston previously starred with Sudeikis in “The Bounty Hunter” and with Bateman in last year’s romantic comedy “The Switch.”  But met Charlie Day for the first time on “Horrible Bosses.”

Recalling the potentially awkward scenario of their first scene together, she says, “Within 20 minutes, I was straddling him in lingerie. But Seth never stopped laughing and we were all in perfect sync; if anything, after every take we’d be thinking, ‘let’s push it a little further.’ I was bizarrely comfortable in these scenes, almost more so than I would be playing the normal girl-next-door, and every scene was kind of crazy but that was really the fun of it.”