Harveygate Scandal: Another Actress, Natassia Malthe, Accuses Weinstein of Rape

Another one of attorney Gloria Allred’s clients, Natassia Malthe–her fourth Harvey Weinstein victim–accused the disgraced movie mogul of rape.

Actress-model Natassia Malthe broke her silence on Wednesday, alleging at a New York City press conference that Weinstein forced himself onto her and tried to pressure her into a threesome, while discussing a role in the musical film “Nine.”

Allred urged the Weinstein Company to take action and “put their money where their mouths are” and set up a fund for the victims of Weinstein, who was fired from the company. Allred revealed she sent a letter to TWC requesting a meeting and was set to meet with the board, but was then notified Wednesday that only the company’s attorneys would sit with her. She declined the meeting, but is still planning to meet with TWC to discuss justice for the 50-plus victims.

Malthe, who has appeared in over 50 films and has a three-year-old son, first met Weinstein on Feb. 10, 2008, in London at the BAFTA Awards where she was working as a spokesperson for LG. Malthe says she was asked to take a photo with Weinstein at the event, and he then asked her what hotel she was staying at in London.

“I was put on the spot,” she said, explaining that she reluctantly gave him her hotel information. When she got home, she says she put on her pajamas and eye shades and went to sleep — until she was woken up by loud pounding on the door. “Open the door!” she heard. “It’s Harvey Weinstein!”

“I opened the door and his clothes were messy and his face didn’t look normal and I thought, ‘Could he possibly be on drugs?’” Malthe recalls. “He took off his pants and sat on the bed. I was feeling panicked and wondering, ‘What should I do?’…He was a very large man, and at the time, I weighed 98 pounds.”

Harvey explained to her that many famous actresses have slept with him over the years, have landed roles in his films, and have gone on to win Oscars. He said that every female Oscar winner had to thank him when they won their Oscars because “he had made that possible.”  Malthe then told him she was not interested in the “casting couch.”

Weinstein then “had taken out his penis and was masturbating in front of me,” Malthe alleges, adding that she was sitting on the bed in disbelief. She says he then forced himself onto her and began to engage in sexual intercourse.

“It was not consensual. He did not use a condom. He did not ejaculate inside of me. Then he masturbated,” Malthe recalled. “I laid still and just closed my eyes and wanted it to end. I played dead.”   Weinstein quickly put on his pants and left the room.

Malthe says she did not see Weinstein again in London, but the following day, he had sent a script to her hotel room for the musical film “Nine.” When she returned to the United States, Weinstein had contacted her and said he wanted to set up a meeting for the part.

“I was very uncomfortable because of what Harvey had done,” but she still decided to audition for the part. After her dance audition with director Rob Marshall, she says she was told to take more dance training and then Weinstein asked her to meet at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., to discuss the role. She specifically said she would only meet him if there would be “no hanky panky” and he said not to worry about it. She was also told an assistant would be present, which made her feel more comfortable.

At the Peninsula, Malthe was greeted by an assistant who escorted her to a hotel room and then left. There was another girl in the room with Weinstein, who was not identified by Malthe. “The girl took off her clothes and began to give him a blowjob,” she shared. “I refused. He and the girl were both laughing at me.”

Malthe says that she called Weinstein afterword and yelled at him for putting her through that and he became angry. She decided to give up the possibility of being in the film.

“I felt that my dreams had been shattered,” she said, adding that she moved out of the United States and had become depressed because of the sexual assault she had experienced with Weinstein. She never pressed charges, though she declined to explain why she never contacted the police over the alleged rape. Allred explained, “There are other reasons and there are good reasons, but she is not going to comment on that today.”

Malthe was very reluctant to come forward with her story, but chose to speak up so that she could be an example for her young son and other little girls who should never have to experience what she experienced. Without naming names, she revealed that over the years, she experienced more harassment from other powerful men in Hollywood.

“Actresses should not have to demean themselves to be successful. The situation with Harvey was not isolated,” Malthe said. “The experiences with Harvey were the worst. Hollywood men should not be allowed to force women to gratify them sexually in order to move ahead.”