Black Swan: Aronofsky’s Twisted Ballet Tale

How Aronofsky’s Twisted Ballet Movie Became a Movie Event—and Commercial Hit
On January 14, 2011 Fox Searchlight broadened “Black Swan” to 2,328 locations, resulting in estimated $8.1 million for the three days.
Surpassing "Sideways" with $71.5 million, "Black Swan" now stands as Fox Searchlight's third-highest domestic grosser ever behind "Juno" and "Slumdog Millionaire," with a cumulative gross of $73 million.
Natalie Portman is expected to win the Golden Globe acting award for drama and to be nominated for a Best Actress Oscar next week, when the Academy announces its nominations.
Long Road
“Black Swan” world premiered at the Venice Film Fest (as opening night), then played successfully at the Toronto Film Fest and other events.
Bu the time the movie opened theatrically, December 3, 2010, there was already buzz and curiosity about it.
Peer Recognition
Darren Aronofsky received last week his first Best Director nomination from his colleague at the Directors Guild of America.
Critical Support
According to the Rotten Tomatoes meter, “Black Swan” has 88 percent of approval: Of the 210 reviews posted, 185 were positive and 25 (or 12 percent) were negative.
Other elements of the film, such as cinematography by the brilliant Matthew Libatique, have been singled out by various critics groups across the country.
The marketing campaign, especially the visuals, has been brilliant, and word-of-mouth has helped a lot taking the disturbing ballet movie beyond the arthouse circuit.