Weak and the Wicked, The (1954): J. Lee Thompson’s British Prison Drama, Glynis Johns and Diana Dors

J. Lee Thompson directed The Weak and the Wicked (“Young and Willing” in the US), a British drama, starring Glynis Johns and Diana Dors.

Waltzes from Vienna (1934): Hitchcock’s Operetta in Context of his Overall Career

Hitchcock directed Waltzes from Vienna, a British film sometimes known as Strauss’ Great Waltz, and part of a cycle of operetta films made in the 1930s. The film tells the story of how The Blue Danube was composed and performed. It is based on the stage musical, Waltzes from Vienna, which premiered in Vienna in […]

Gay Pride 2021: Kamala Harris, First Sitting Vice President to March in Pride 

Kamala Harris becomes First sitting vice president to march in Pride 

Emmy Awards 2020: Memorable Moments

Emmys: Memorable Moments   ABC A ‘Friends’ reunion and ‘Black Lives Matter’ chant by Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson were among the memorable moments at Sunday night’s awards show. Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and held semi-virtually for the first time in the show’s history, the ceremony saw some standout and stand-up moments. Some included trash […]

Cult Movies: Top 50 Pictures (EW)

The Top 50 Cult Movies: Entertainment Weekly Magazine published their list of the Top 50 Cult Movies in their 2003 issue. Seven of their choices below were pre-1970, and only two pre-1950. Most died at the box office, some of them horribly. Mangled and despised, they were re-animated on video. And now they compose our […]