Grant, Cary: Screen Image–No Frequent Female Stars

Unlike many movie stars of his generation–Bogart, Wayne, Cooper–Cary Grant didn’t have a frequent screen lady, or a female star that helped shape his lengthy screen career in a significant manner.

Grant, Cary: Frequent Directors: Cukor, Hawks, Stevens, Hitchcock, Stanley Donen

Over a career spanning 34 years, 1932-1966, Cary Grant (Hollywood’s greatest star, in my view) had worked with the industry’s best directors.

Coronavirus Diaries: Museums

The demolition of the buildings at the heart of LACMA’s campus is set to begin in April, with completion targeted for late summer.

Oscar 1939: Best Supporting Actor

1939: Best Supporting Actors Thomas Mitchell, Dr. Josiah Boone, Stagecoach (winner) Brian Aherne, Emperor Maximilian von Habsburg, Juarez Harry Carey, President of the Senate, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Brian Donlevy, Sgt. Markoff, Beau Geste Claude Rains, Senator Joseph Harrison Paine, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington 1940 Walter Brennan, Judge Roy Bean, The Westerner (winner) […]

100 Stars: Actresses With Indelible Images–Mangano, Silvana

Silvana Mangano achieved notable success in Bitter Rice (1949) and continued working in films for almost four more decades. Born in Rome to an Italian father and an English mother (Ivy Webb from Croydon), Mangano lived in poverty during World War II. Trained for years as a dancer, she supported herself as a model. In […]