Black Fury (1935): Curtiz’s Labor Union (Message) Film, Starring Paul Muni

Directed by prolific and versatile filmmaker Michael Curtiz, Black Fury is a socially conscious film, based on a historic incident during a Pennsylvania walk-out in 1929, in which John Barkowski, a striking coal miner, was beaten to death by private company police.

Tamarind Seed, The (1974): Blake Edwards’ Romantic Thriller, Starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif

Blake Edwards wrote and directed The Tamarind Seed, a romantic thriller starring Julie Andrews and Omar Sharif.

Splendor in the Grass: Narrative Structure

Playwright Inge won the 1961 Best Original Screenplay Oscar for his scenario of Splendor in the Grass. Detailed Synopsis: How the Action Unfolds Chronologically The tale begins in 1928 in Kansas. The central protagonists, Deanie and Bud, are high-schoolers, though both Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood were older (he 24; she 23). Wilma Dean “Deanie” […]

American Cinema: A Cyclical History of Hollywood

American Cinema: Cyclical History of Hollywood, 1929-2019 October 13, 2019 Book Proposal Emanuel Levy, Ph.D. Professor of Film and Sociology   Introduction My book, American Cinema: A Cyclical History of Hollywood, offers a different way of looking at the American cinema by focusing on film cycles, an unexplored concept in film studies.  The time frame […]

Joker: Smash Hit, en Route to $1 Billion at Global Box-Office

Joker continues to smile big as it is conquering the box-office all over the world.