• Sharp Objects: Characters Hiding Secrets

    The idea of having a secret in every scene was integral to his portrayal of Detective Richard Willis, the outsider sent to Wind Gap. Mo. to investigate the disappearance and murder of two teenage girls–Chris Messina

    Across the Wide Missouri (1951): Wellman’s Western, Starring Gable as Kentucky Trapper

    Clark Gable plays an uncharacteristically non-heroic role in William Wellman’s sprawling western, Across the Wide Missouri. A cunning Kentucky trapper who lives by his wits, Flint Michael assembles an expedition for a trip into virgin beaver territory guarded by militant Blackfoot tribe.  He avoids being scalped by the Blackfoot Indians through marriage to the Indian […]

    Command Decision (1948): Sam Wood’s Powerful, All-Star WWII, Headed by Gable

    Well produced by Sidney Franklin and tautly directed by Sam Wood, Command Decision is one of the more intelligent and gripping WWII films made by MGM (or any studio) after 1945. It was Gable, still under contract at MGM, who convinced the studio to buy the screen rights to William Wister Haines’s play, adapted to […]

    Franklin, Aretha: Elton John’s Tribute

    Elton John, a friend and fan of Aretha Franklin’s, posted a tribute to the legendary singer on social media shortly after her passing after a long battle with cancer. Franklin’s last public performance was at Elton’s AIDS Foundation benefit in New York last November, where she was noticeably thin but in strong form during throughout […]

    Girl with Green Eyes, The (1964): Awkward British Romance, Superbly Acted by Rita Tashingham and Peter Finch

    Intimate in scale yet true to its ambitions, The Girl with the Green Eyes is a British melodrama about the awkward but honest romance between a naive country girl and a sophisticated older man. The acting of Rita Tashingham and Peter Finch is superb in this modest British film, directed by Desmond Davis, and based […]

    No Love for Johnny (1961): Peter Finch Dominates as Troubled British Politician

    Peter Finch won two awards –from BAFTA and Berlin Film Fest–for his performance No Love for Johnny, a black and white political melodrama, directed by Ralph Thomas and based on the book of the same title by Parliament member Wilfred Fienburgh.

    Bad Seed, The: Interview with Director and Star Rob Lowe

    I was sent the script as an actor. And I felt like I really liked the script, but I had a very specific vision of the tone and how I wanted it to go. And I felt like at the end of the day it would just be easier if I directed it myself instead of hoping that someone had that kind of vision.

    Film Theory: Levi-Strauss–Binary Oppositions

    Some theorists have borrowed concepts from the great structural anthropologists, Claude Levi-Strauss, specifically his notion of binary oppositions.

    What Men Want: Interview with Director Adam Shenkman

    Interview with Director Adam Shenkman Building Atmosphere Specifically I’m looking… this is a sequence towards the end of act… sort of… sort of the act two structure where she’s melting down basically and the purpose of the scene is as we’re leaving her too… as we’re leaving Taraji’s character to the all is lost moment […]

    Girl from Mexico, The (1939): Star Vehicle for Lupe Velez, Which Became Film Franchise

    Directed by Leslie Goodwins and scripted by Lionel Houser and Joseph Fields, The Girl from Mexico was a low-budget vehicle for the star Lupe Velez, whose career was declining, after a decade in Hollywood.

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