Texas Violence: More than 20 Killed by Gunman in Church outside San Antonio

More than 20 people were killed by a gunman who walked into a Texas church in a rural town 30 miles outside San Antonio, Texas Sunday and opened fire.

House of Cards: Production on Season 6 Suspended due to Kevin Spacey’s Sexual Allegations

House of Cards has suspended production on Season 6, in light of recent sexual assault allegations leveled against star Kevin Spacey.

Hollywood 2017: Rose McGowan–Arrest Warrant for Drug Possession

An arrest warrant has been obtained for actress Rose McGowan for felony possession of a controlled substance. The felony charge came from a police investigation of personal belongings left behind on a United flight arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on January 20.

Hollywood 2017: Corey Feldman to Expose Pedophilia in Industry in Feature

Corey Feldman gave first TV interview since launching a campaign to finance a film that would expose a pedophile ring in Hollywood.

Hollywood 2017: Kevin Spacey’s Apology and Coming Out Statements Get Slammed

There’s no amount of drunk or closeted that excuses or explains away asssaulting a 14-year-old child.