Hollywood 2019: College Admission Scandal–Felicity Huffman Arrested

Actress Lori Loughlin and Oscar-nominee Felicity Huffman are among a group of 46 people who have been charged in a widespread college admissions bribery scandal.

Captain Marvel: Femme-Centric Superhero Movie Breaks Records

Captain Marvel, the first female-led superhero picture from Marvel Studios and Disney, starring Brie Larson, scored a huge global opening of $455 million.

One Hundred Years of Solitude: Netflix Series of Gabriel García Márquez’s Masterwork

Netflix has acquired rights to adapt Gabriel García Márquez’s masterwork One Hundred Years of Solitude as a new series.

Leaving Neverland: Michael Jackson Sexual Abuse Docu is Hit

HBO’s documentary Leaving Neverland appealed to many viewers over its two nights, with the first chapter drawing one of the biggest audiences for an HBO docu.

Oscar 2020: Show Much Earlier, on February 9

The 2020 Oscar ceremony will take place earlier than usual, on February 9, instead of the last Sunday of that month.