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Crude: Controversial Oil Documentary at Court

Crude: Controversial Oil Documentary at Court

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Oscar Directors: Nolan, Christopher–Career

Launching New Column: Only in Hollywood

One of the most gifted and original filmmakers working in Hollywood today, British-born Christopher Nolan is also one of the few Hollywood directors who has never made an artistically bad picture, or a commercial flop. Granted, not all of his efforts were successful, or equally successful….

Inception Review


I Am Love (2010): Luca Guadagnino’s Sumptuous Art Film

Sumptuously mounted, and anchored by a compelling performance from Tilda Swinton, Italian director Luca Guadagnino's “I Am Love” is a European art film, boasting lavish costumes and sets, elaborate pacing, nuanced mise-en-scene.

Interview with Tilda Swinton

Winter’s Bone: Interview with director Debra Granik

 I read Winter's Bone in one sitting. I had not done that with any book in a long time. I wanted to see how this girl, Ree, was going to survive. It felt like an old fashioned type of tale, with a character I couldn't help but root for, and with an atmosphere my mind was actively trying to conjure. It also felt fresh in that I do not often get a chance to imagine life like Ree's, whose circumstances lie outside the confines of my own.

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Oscar 1989: Best Picture–Analysis

Was 1989 a good year at the Oscars?  Twenty years ago, the five nominees for Best Picture were: Born on the Fourth of July, Dead Poets Society, Driving Miss Daisy (the winner), Field of Dreams, and My Lweft Foot. Which one would YOU vote for?  Read below.